Our remaining inventory of Tiny Land stains and products are available here while stocks last.

Once they’re sold out, a new product range will be available from Sloe Wood, including child-safe stains and paints in beautiful colours.

Sloe Wood is a new brand for environmentally friendly and safe maker’s colours made in the UK. Sign up for our newsletter for updates!


The prices now include 20% UK VAT. If you’re VAT registered in the UK, please go to My Account > Orders to download your invoices.

For all customers outside the UK, VAT will be deducted at the checkout once you enter your shipping address.

You’ll be asked to pay any local duties and taxes that may apply when the goods arrive in your country.

Typically, there will be no import duties or taxes for the US under $800.

110 ml bottle

Jars listed as 110ml are the same sizes sold as 120ml previously by Tiny Land. It contains the same volume of product as before, however, we’re listing them as 110ml to meet Weights & Measures regulations. We will not relabel the existing Tiny Land inventory and they will be sold with the old label.

Bulk Orders

Large size jugs between 500 ml – 4 Ltr are available for all colours for professional makers.

Please apply for your account here for special access.

International Shipping

We can ship worldwide. Please checkout our shipping page for rates and other information.

Product Info

All products are sold under the specifications supplied by Tiny Land unless stated otherwise.